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Back in the Saddle

We all knew it was coming. School finally started and we successfully made it through the first week. Although, we can’t be too proud; it was only half of a week. The first day of school is always important, I suppose. Nerves are high and schedules are changing. We should all be used to it by now, but sometimes it still gets confusing. Although, the most confusing part of the day was trying to figure out who took Shelby’s parking spot. As a senior, I guess we’re the big dogs. Freshmen beware, because technically, we run these hallways. All jokes, of course. It actually doesn’t feel much different other than the fact that the classes may be harder. I thought the first day went pretty well. It’s entertaining to see how people dress on the first day, and then watch the outfit choice drastically change the second day. My schedule is fairly easy in my opinion. We start the day with health. I think it will be a fun class to be in. The only thing that concerns me is having to learn and memorize the thousands of terms for any test. I think I am mostly excited about Mrs. Guthrie’s class. We get to help with the newspaper and yearbook. Personally I think we should add a crossword puzzle to the paper. Maybe even the yearbook. We’ll see how that goes. We had to listen to all the rules that we’ve heard before in an assembly. It’s hard to listen to the dress code, but I won’t get into that. After school, I went home and had to figure out how to finish my college algebra assignments. I somehow got it done. The next day we went back and did it again. In 4th period, Shelby fell trying to get out of her seat. Luckily, she made it out alive. Brookie and I both wore skirts the second day. We have to show off all our new clothes until we run out. Even though it’s pretty early, we’re trying to figure out details for the senior trip. I think it’s narrowed down to a Yellowstone/Wyoming area or a Glacier Park/Montana kind of thing. I’m not sure; all I know is I am not a beach person. I’m not worried about it though. I think we’ll all have fun no matter where we go. There was a scrimmage that night but I didn’t go. Instead, I went home and took a nap. The next day was like the rest. Not a whole lot happened. Brookie and I both wore pink jeans. I insisted on Mrs. Guthrie taking out picture because we stay proud of our outfits. We played Quizziz in Coach Richey’s class, because our books haven’t come in yet. It’s a website where you answer questions but it’s also a game, sort of. We do some math on there but then move along into a different category. We did Disney and then state capitals. I was very proud of my performances. I hope our books never come in. Not much else has happened this week. I figure more stuff will happen next week when everyone is back in the groove of things. Right now, I’m still in the stage of being excited to go to school everyday. I wonder how long it’ll last. :/ I just know it’ll will go by super fast. I always have the next thing to look forward to and I think that makes it go by faster. Hopefully by my next post, some more interesting things will have happened. For now, all we can do is wait.

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