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Back on the Grind

Whenever August hits, you realize how soon school is. We start on the 18th. I always get sort of excited to start school again at the end of summer. I feel like this summer has gone by really fast but I enjoyed it. It’s kind of strange to think it’ll my last year. I’m ready for it but I know it’ll go by super quick. We had registration recently and I got my schedule. College classes sort of worry me, but I just choose not to think about it. I’m not doing much else, especially in the fall. I think with a pretty free schedule, I’ll able to maintain all my classes. I’m excited for football games on Fridays and everything like that. Although, I’m also excited that I have the option on Friday nights. Brookie and I might be out on the town on Fridays. We’ll definitely find other things to fill up our schedules. I’m not worried about it. I’m not really worried about actual school either. Well, I take that back. College algebra could possibly be the end of me. I’m just hoping I can get through it. I know the semester will go by fast, but it just might be hard in the moment. The scariest part of starting school is the fact that I’ll have to start learning how to be an adult when it ends. When you’re at this age, everyone asks where you’re going to college. It’s a loaded question. It’s actually a,“Where are you two going to college?” Brookie and I do happen to be a package deal. We aren’t sure where we’re going yet. Hopefully we’ll be going on tours soon. I’m not super stressed about it. I know we’ll end up fine. I’m excited for all of the fun parts of senior year though. I think once we get back in the groove of things it will flow smoothly. I’m excited to see some people I haven’t seen since school last ended. I miss being around my class. Normally, we’re pretty close until we’re not. We’re usually fine again the next day or so. Our class is so great because we’re so small. Even those of us who only see each other at school are pretty good friends. There’s a ton of things to look forward to this year. We just have to start the year to get there. It will be a stressful year, but hopefully a rewarding one. So just know if the blog is falling behind, it’s because I’m writing essays instead. Or maybe college algebra has killed me.

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