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For Old Times’ Sake

There are some things that just never get easier to say goodbye to.  The time frame or the distance don’t really even matter. The point is, some things will always hold the same sentimental value as when they were a huge part of your life. I happened to learn this over this past weekend. I haven’t been home from college too many times but my goal has always been to go to my old church if I’m home on a Sunday. I finally got to do that this weekend and I’m really glad I did. I was so pumped to see all of the people I haven’t seen in months but I didn’t think I would be as hysterical as I was. I didn’t think getting to sit front row with Walker and Banks would make me feel so nostalgic. I didn’t think hearing Pastor Reid preach for the first time in a while would make me fill me with so much joy. I didn’t think watching Baylee sing on stage again would make me openly cry my eyes out in front of everyone there that morning. I haven’t had the chance to do any of those things in so long that I forgot how much I appreciated them. Being back in that environment seemed to just hit me like a truck all at once.

     Saying all this probably makes it sound like I’m not enjoying where I’m at now; that’s not the case. I’m having a great time where I’m at and can’t complain about much at all. I really do love and appreciate all the people I’ve met in Angelo. With that being said, I’m forever grateful for the friends back home that let you sob on their shoulder in front of everyone only because you’re extremely happy to see them again. (Shoutout to Whitley). I think there are certain people you meet in life that are so special in ways you may not even know. It’s crazy how you can go a while without seeing people, but I

it still feels like no time has passed once you finally reunite. Those are definitely my favorite people. Along with all of my friends, I was also overwhelmed seeing all of the adults that still continue to let me know that they think about me all the time. It’s still extremely comforting to know how many people I have behind me.

        I can’t even really explain why just being in that place again made me a wreck. The only reason I was able to give was that I simply just missed it…a lot. It wasn’t just the people, but the church as a whole. Being there again was like reliving every single memory I ever made there. Before leaving, my old youth pastor, Josh said, “Sometimes you don’t realize how good you have it until it’s gone.” I was fully aware how good I had it there; I just forgot. Luckily, I was reminded. I was somewhat embarrassed by how emotional I got, but I think I needed it. It was great to return to my biggest reason for missing home. It’s still sad to think that it’s become more of a novelty to me, but I will always take advantage of every opportunity I have to go back. I’m so thankful for every aspect of that church that makes it so hard to say goodbye to. If I am completely being honest, I hope it never gets easier.


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