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Long Time, No Read

I suppose it’s been a while. If I’m being honest, I do regret not blogging for months, but what can I say? Senior year has finally come to an end and there’s plenty of things I can say about it. Last time you heard from me, school had just started and my whole class was still getting used to the idea of it being our last year in high school. College tours were being scheduled and applications were being sent it. We went and toured ASU and WT. Brookie and I had already known for months that wherever we were going to college, we were going together. After some deliberation, we decided on Angelo and Brookie started drawing floor plans for our dorm almost every day at school. We may be rearranging our room once every week in case you were wondering.

Somewhere in the fall, I hit a rough patch. I won’t bore you with the details, but it made for a few months that I wasn’t really emotionally prepared for. School became harder because I wasn’t particularly focused on actual school. By the way, college algebra definitely didn’t help my emotional state. (10/10 people who hate math do not recommend). My best strategy during this time was just to fill my days with constant activity so I didn’t sit at home and contemplate things I couldn’t do anything about. On the bright side, I realized that everything that happened was actually a good thing for me. So basically, because my life could be a critically acclaimed coming-of-age movie, it eventually got better. (Sorry for the spoiler alert.)

Closer to Christmas break, Molly started bringing me to Grady basketball games, you know because we are so interested in sports. We eventually had to move to track meets but that was perfect because Brookie also runs track. Long story short, we had a new little friend group. At this point in the year, graduation was getting closer and things were getting serious. After the second semester starts, it goes by super fast. Since tennis and UIL both started somewhere in February, my spring was pretty busy. Tennis went along just fine. I’d say it was a good year overall. I knew I wasn’t going to make it to state and I had made my peace with that. When I lost my match to get beat out at regionals, it was sad because it was the last time, but I knew I was ready for it to be over. UIL was really good to me this year. I actually competed at all the practice matches and I always ended up thinking that I peaked last year and I probably wasn’t going to do very good this year. We got to district and I advanced to regionals in two of my events. (Way to believe in yourself, Savannah!) I was slightly disappointed because I didn’t advance in headline writing, which was my favorite event but I eventually got over it. I competed at regionals and made it to state in Copy Editing. The best part was that Brookie also advanced to state. The trip to Austin was the best school trip I’ve ever been on. It was extremely fun and didn’t include any pre-tennis match stomachaches.

Once we made it to May, graduation had officially become real. A bunch of lasts were happening and our class started to get more sentimental. Times capsules and Kindergarten walks were the best way to cap-off the year in my opinion. Graduation was fun because we had a bunch of family over which is always good. So now summer’s just get started, but then again so are we. I don’t think it’s actually hit me yet that I’ll be moved and going to college in a few months but I’ll get there. We go to orientation soon, so maybe that’ll be the first step. Senior year was very stressful, but very rewarding. I went through some struggles and watched friends do the same, but we all rallied in the end. I even found time to get baptized somewhere in there. (Which was awesome). A lot happened in two semesters but most of it was good. I’m sure the next part of my life will be just as exciting. I would try to keep up if I were you. ;)

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