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Long Time, No Read: The Sequel.

Hey there! I know everyone in my has just been dying to know what’s going on in my life, so this one’s for you. If you don’t care, that’s okay too. At least I know my mom and grandma will appreciate this. Anyway, a lot has happened in the few months since I posted on here last. I hope you’re as entertained as I’ve been these past few months.

    Honestly, this might have been one of my favorite summers. I was sort of all over the place. There were a lot of “lasts” this summer that were really bittersweet. We went in our senior trip and we had a blast. I’m so glad my class got to be together one last time. I miss all of them and I’m sure all of us would recommend taking a trip to Whitefish, Montana. Just a day after I got back from the senior trip, I left for church camp at Ceta Canyon. I knew this year it would be difficult because it was my 8th and final year to be a camper. Nevertheless, it was a great week but so hard to say goodbye to at the same time. God does some pretty great things in that canyon and it will always be one of my favorite places.

           After that I was only home for about a week before taking off again. I was invited again to go on our church Summit Trip for the Student Leadership Team. Once again, our youth pastor didn’t tell us where we were going until we got there. We willingly got on the bus and ended up at the lake in Granbury. I love all my church people so I was bound to have a good time. Sunburns can’t hurt too bad if you’re having a good time (somewhat). It was a short, but fun trip. It was sad knowing that was the last Summit Trip I’ll take with those friends, but they sure did make it memorable. Just a few days later, I flew to Laramie, Wyoming to stay with my brother and his girlfriend. They wanted to show me what it’s like being college-aged, whatever that means. I won’t bore you with the details but we had a pretty good time. Laramie may be cooler than Snyder for those who are wondering.

From Laramie, we drove down to Fort Collins for my uncles’ wedding party. The theme was dancing (I’m guessing). I hate to break it to y’all but based on what I saw that night, I’m pretty sure nobody can bust a move quite like my grandmother. Shout out to Barbara Sue. The only downside to my time in Fort Collins was still being “one of the kids.” I thought maybe since I was 18 and graduated it would be different. I was mistaken. Fingers crossed I can sit at the adult table sometime in the near future; prayers are appreciated. After that long trip, I was home for about three days before I headed to San Angelo for Ram Round-Up. It’s a camp for incoming freshman and my friends and I still can’t decide if we enjoyed it or not. It was fun but I don’t think we’ve ever been more exhausted in our lives.

After getting home from the most chaotic weekend ever, I went to Colonial Hill’s church camp in Aspendale, New Mexico. Are you seeing the trend yet? I don’t know how to slow down. Even though I hadn’t recovered from my extremely exhausting previous adventures, that week was probably the best out of my whole year. My heart was heavy throughout the whole week because I knew that is was my last hoorah with my church and my time in the youth group was almost over. For the last almost three years that church had been my favorite place to be and all the people l met there made a huge impact on me in some way. It was going to be my hardest goodbye. The week of church camp was so awesome and everyone and everything there made the idea of moving on a little bit easier. The next two weeks, our little church friend group hung out almost every day. We all made it a goal to go to prayer and fasting at our church at 6:00 a.m. every day. (we didn’t make it every morning). We all spent so much time together those last two weeks before school started and several of us moved away for college.

       Those last few weeks consisted of a lot of hanging out with friends for the last time and difficult goodbyes. It’s a good thing I didn’t have to say goodbye to those who also went to Angelo. I miss everyone but new starts are a good thing. So then I moved in and I’ve been in San Angelo for a little over a month now. I’m still getting used to stuff but it’s going pretty well. I definitely don’t have it all figured out but I really can’t complain. I should also add that I’m writing this while on a plane to Wyoming. So here I am, still always looking forward to the next thing. I’ll eventually learn how to slow down and take things one day at a time. If you’re still reading, thanks for making it all the way down here. Until next time, when I can tell you about my latest adventure. Enjoy the break while you can. :)

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