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Speaking Life

I love the idea of kindness. I think the term, “speaking life” pretty much sums it up. A group of people from church went on a small mission trip back in March. It was a really cool experience. Although, there were some comments and crude jokes made that got our youth pastor thinking. He found himself telling everyone to “speak life” just about every five minutes. To fix this problem, he decided to make everyone feel awkward and do what we called, “the hot seat.” How it worked was everyone sat down and a certain person would be in the “hot seat.” We then would have to go around the room and everybody had to say something nice about that person. Even though it was a bit weird at first, I really enjoyed it. It’s an strange feeling hearing everyone say how they feel about you. Most everybody there had very heartfelt answers. I might have shed a few tears, but we don’t talk about that. Those words have stuck with me ever since. It’s funny to think how far just a simple compliment can go. I won’t ever forget what everyone said about me on that trip. I think everyone benefited from that and learned how important speaking life is. I definitely did. In fact, I talked a lot about speaking life when I was a small group leader at church camp. I think kindness should be natural and an instinct. My biggest pet peeve is when people choose to be rude for no reason. I have no clue what someone could benefit from being hateful. If I had any advice to give, it would be to think before you speak and to always choose kindness. You never know what the people around you are going through. Words have so much power and kindness goes a lot further than people think.

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