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Summer So Far..

Even though this is my first entry, I have a lot to say. I wish that I would have thought of creating a blog earlier this summer. The past few months have been very kind to me. School ended and that’s always exciting. I went to Austin to watch state softball. I was taught something that I will keep with me forever: how to play “Spicy Uno.” It’s very entertaining to make people play. Especially my dad. The next week, I got to go to Arlington with Justin. This trip was really good for the both of us. We went to Six Flags and I realized roller coasters might not be for me. I also learned that I am ridiculously good at ping pong on that trip. Sorry, not sorry. :/ I had some free time after that. I was volunteered by my dad to lay floors with Brookie and Jenna. Even though we got paid, I do not recommend trying this. Take my word for it. Your knees will thank me. Right around the time the soreness wore off, it was time to go to Ceta Canyon. (My favorite place on Earth) I’ve been going to this certain camp for six years. This year was my favorite by far. I met some amazing people that I pray are in my life forever. It’s so great to be around people you know are having just as much fun as you are. I find myself replaying moments from camp in my head. It almost makes me sad. Everything in me wishes that it lasted more than a week. I made a complete fool out of myself when we had to say our goodbyes. Somebody at camp told me, “Your camp self is your true self.” Nothing in my life has ever made more sense to me. I love that place with my whole heart. The only thing that kept me going when camp ended was that we had a church trip a few days after. It was just a small trip for the kids on the leadership team. We left Sunday after church and we were restless to get there. The only thing was, we had no clue when we were getting to our destination. Josh, our youth pastor, only gave us a packing list and a scary look. We had no idea where we were going. Keep in mind, Josh is insane. After hours of guessing, we finally ended up in Oklahoma City. We stayed in this super pretty house. The second day we went to this place with a rope course and zipline. Unfortunately due to rain, only a few of us got to zipline. Brookie still holds a grudge. I luckily got my turn on the zipline and I enjoyed it. On our way home, we stopped at Turner falls. The water was so cold but the views made up for it. That trip was so much fun. The leadership team is my favorite thing that I’ve ever been a part of. There’s a special place in my heart for everybody in that group. After that trip, I had some time at home. If you know me, you know that I like to stay on the go. So, Brookie and I went to Childress and stayed with my grandparents. Guess who we taught how to play Spicy Uno! Guess how bad it went!

Childress was fun. We got to see some church camp friends. We may or may not have strategically placed googley eyes around town. On our way home, we stopped through Canyon to see some more camp friends. The weekend we got back home, we got to catch up with some more Ceta friends at the O’Donnell rodeo. It was great to see everyone again. About two days later, we left for our second church camp. This time in Ruidoso. This camp was just through our church and completely planned by Josh and Pastor Reid. They did such a great job with it. We didn’t find out until we got there that the leadership team had to lead small groups. That is a normal for youth pastor, Josh. It made me nervous and unsure if I could do it. After the first session of small groups, it became easy and I loved it. I was paired up with my friend Boston and I think we did an excellent job. I realized that I can do something I thought I couldn’t. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Obviously I was sad to leave this camp too. On the bright side, I got stay in ruidoso with my friend, Brayson and his family. We went antique shopping and got to see the horse races. My luck wasn’t very good if I’m being honest. After the short, but fun time I got to spend there, I had to go home. So here I am. I’m stuck home until my next adventure. All I can say is that I hope reading about my summer was just as enjoyable as living it was. Thanks for joining in. Until next time! -Savannah

highlights of the summer^^

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