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Thank God for Good Friends

Friendship is defined as the emotion or contact of friends; the state of being friends. Now, I’m no Webster but there are a few things that can be added. Friendship is being able to confide in others. Friendship is feeling at home when you’re not at home. Friendship is being the first people you tell when you want to start a blog. All of these definitions are actually straight from the ones who inspired this particular post. There’s a lot that I could say about these people. My friends, Baylee, Brookie, and Brayson are my favorite people in the world. Yes, I know; my name should start with a “B.” Anyway, these people mean a lot to me. I’ve known Brookie for nearly a decade. Since the beginning, we’ve basically been inseparable. Although we don’t like to bring it up, there was a tiny falling out during freshman year. It’s very hard to understand what happened. With that being said, I can confirm that it was the lowest point of my life. Throughout the nine years we have known each other, it was always, “where’s your other half,” whenever somebody saw us not together. That is definitely something we are proud of. If you ever hear me tell a story, Brookie is most likely in it. Trust me, I have a ton of them. All of my favorite stories revolve around Brookie. Brookie is also very easy to talk to and is always willing to listen. Because she is one of the best people I know, I love being around Brookie. Here’s to many more decades!

Next, we have Brayson. I’ve known Brayson for less than a year. It feels like I’ve known Brayson my entire life. We were definitely what you call, “fast friends.” I think it’s because we are so similar. I admire Brayson because he speaks his mind, even if people completely disagree. You definitely want to be on Brayson’s side in any argument. Brayson is very real. I love hearing Brayson talking about something he is passionate about. I really enjoy our conversations together. Another thing, he makes us all laugh until we cannot anymore. I can’t help but feel like I was meant to be friends with Brayson.

Last, but not least, we have Baylee. I’ve met Baylee right around the time I met Brayson. We instantly connected. Baylee’s personality is my absolute favorite. She is one of the most generous people I know. Baylee is so caring and wants to best for anyone around her. Baylee is always radiant with joy and it’s very contagious. I will never get tired of hearing her sing over the music. She’s not only uplifting, but also the first one at your side if anything is wrong. I will forever be grateful for Baylee. I like to think that I wouldn’t be the person I am now without my friends. Our little group is full of laughter, jokes, and so much more. They allow me to be myself and completely genuine. We could go on a thousand sonic runs and it would never get old. We have so many great memories and I’m sure we’ll make plenty more. It’s hard to find people as special as these few. I am forever thankful for to have them in my life.

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