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Wyoming Weekend Recap

So if you read a few blogs back, you know we were going on a trip to Wyoming. We left on the 5th. We didn’t leave our house when my dad expected us to. Since we got a late start, we didn’t see Jake that day. Although, we did get the chance to stop in Fort Collins to see some family. They met us a restaurant we stopped at because my dad said, “it had a pig on the front.” Apparently that makes it acceptable. It was actually a Brazilian steakhouse and we ate too much food. I’m glad we stopped there though. We stayed in a hotel in Laramie that first night. The next day, we couldn’t see Jake until he got off work. We went about to the town they call, “Laradise,” and found a few things. We went to a few stores and got some Wyoming apparel. Once Jake was off the clock, we were supposed to go camping. The weather was kind of faulty and supposedly there weren’t many spots open to camp. I think it was God looking out for me. We still found things to do after that didn’t work out. By this time, we were waiting for Jake to show up at the place we stayed that night. We stayed at a little house in Saratoga. We left the next day and made our way to Centennial. We stopped to look at the Snowies and watched my dad and Jake fly fish. The cabin in Centennial was my favorite. It was a nice place to stay. We went fishing again after we got settled in. We stayed there for two nights. The second night, Jake and Mary made tacos and they were great. After we said our goodbyes to them, we went to bed because the next day would be a long one. We left early that morning and drove to Castle Rock in Colorado. We had to go to the outlet mall for some school shopping. I’d say we were successful. We stayed in a neat, little barn house that night. We found a cat outside; my favorite part. He even brought us a housewarming mouse as a gift. We got to the house pretty late so we didn’t really spend much time there. The next morning, we got up early and took off. And here we are. Headed home to get ready for the next thing. We had a good time but I think I’m ready to get home. I miss my friends and I’ve run out of clean clothes. Time to restore before my next adventure.

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